Mood (band)

Mood (band)

Origin Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Genres Hip-Hop
Years active 1993–present
Labels Blunt
Members Main Flow

MOOD is a hip hop group based in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, composed of rappers Main Flow, Donte, and record producer Jahson. Originally formed under the name of Three Below Zero, they wound up changing their name to Mood in 1994. They first came to prominence with the Hi-Tek produced single "Hustle on the Side" in 1996. Their 1997 album Doom[1] featured production by a young Hi-Tek and a guest appearance by Talib Kweli.

In 2000, they appeared on "Mission Control Presents",[2] a compilation which featured acts associated with producer Jahson and his record label Mission Control. There were three Mood tracks and three tracks that featured Mood as part of a larger group called Elite Terrorist. Main Flow and Donte are also featured individually on a number of tracks.

Music videos for hit songs "Hustle On The Side" and "Karma" were produced and aired worldwide. Most notably winning awards on regional and international video programs Video Music Box, Urban Reality, Rap City and DrunkinStyle TV.

Mood currently released their long awaited follow up to Doom entitled Live Again. In the interim, Jahson has an album out as does Main Flow (entitled Flow Season along with 7L), Donte is also planning a solo release.

Donte recently hinted on Instagram that there is a new album coming, and that it will be called Doom 2. [3]


  • Discography 1
    • Mood 1.1
    • Main Flow 1.2
    • The Flowfessionals 1.3
  • References 2



  • Doom (1997)
  • Mission Control Presents: Prehistoric Sounds feat. Mood (2000)
  • Live Again (2011)
  • Into The Mood (2015)

Main Flow

  • Castle Diplomat (2001)
  • Hip-Hopulation (2004)
  • Notebook Assassins (2005)
  • Flow Season (with 7L) (2006)
  • Return of the Castle (2010)
  • "The Cincinnati Kid" (2014)

The Flowfessionals

  • Main Flow Presents: The Flowfessionals (2005)


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