New Norcia Station

New Norcia Station

New Norcia Station antenna undergoing maintenance

New Norcia Station (also known as DSA 1 or Deep Space Antenna 1) is a 35-metre ESTRACK satellite ground station for communication with spacecraft in deep space. It is located 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) south of the town of New Norcia, Western Australia.[1] It was the first ESA deep space ground station,[2] followed by Cebreros Station and Malargüe Station.

Station operates one 35-meter dish designated NNO-1[3] capable of two-way transmission in both S- and X-band using 2 and 20-kilowatt transmitters. Antenna weights over 600 tonnes and is 40 meters tall. Future upgrade plans include adding a Ka-band station to support international missions.[1]

Construction begun in April 2000 and lasted till the end of first half of 2002. Installation of electronics and communication equipment followed. The station was officially opened on 5 March 2003 by the Premier of Western Australia at the time, Dr Geoff Gallop. Total construction cost was €28 million.[2]

New Norcia Station was one of the stations providing communications, tracking and data download from the Rosetta spacecraft.[4] In future it's planned to support BepiColombo mission.[1]


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