New Tivoli Theatre, Sydney

New Tivoli Theatre, Sydney

The New Tivoli Theatre, Sydney, previously known as the Adelphi Theatre and the Grand Opera House, was a theatre and music hall at 329, Castlereagh Street, Sydney, Australia, which was long at the heart of the Tivoli circuit.

It was generally called simply the Tivoli Theatre.


The theatre was opened in 1911 as the Adelphi Theatre. In 1915 it was renamed "the Grand Opera House". From 1929 it became the major outlet in Sydney for variety theatre, featuring vaudeville acts. In 1932, it was renamed the New Tivoli Theatre.[1] The new name celebrated Harry Rickards's "New Tivoli Minstrel and Grand Specialty Company". The theatre became famous for its chorus girls, known as "Tivoli tappers".

The New Tivoli declined after the arrival of television in Australia in 1956, and the last show was staged in 1966. In 1969 the theatre was demolished. Its site is now occupied by Central Square, a tower of offices between Hay Street and Campbell Street.[1]


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