North Moluccan Malay

North Moluccan Malay
Bahasa Pasar
Native to Indonesia
Region North Maluku
Native speakers
700,000  (2001)[1]
Malay Creole
  • East Indonesian
    • North Moluccan Malay
Language codes
ISO 639-3 max
Glottolog nort2828[2]

North Moluccan Malay is a language spoken in Ternate, Tidore and Halmahera islands, North Maluku for intergroup communications, and in the Sula Islands. The local name of the language is Bahasa Pasar, and the name Ternate Malay is also used, after the main ethnic group speaking the language. Since North Moluccan Malay is used only for spoken communication, there is no standard orthography.

This creole resembles Manado Malay, but with different accents and vocabulary. A large percentage of its vocabulary is borrowed from Ternatean, such as, ngana "you (sg)", ngoni "you (pl)", bifi "ant", ciri "to fall".


  • Jang bafoya : Don't lie!


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