Occitan cuisine

Occitan cuisine

A slice of pastís de treflas.
Caçolet (cassoulet); star dish of Occitan cuisine

Occitan cuisine is the traditional cuisine and gastronomy in Occitania[1] or in the lands where people speak Occitan.


This kind of gastronomy is mostly Mediterranean cuisine, very near to Catalan cuisine and Italian cuisine in the east, a little less in the west, which has influences of Atlantic cuisine. It is due at the large extension of Occitania, which goes from Atlantic Ocean, in the South of France, to the Mediterranean Sea, and the fact that it takes local products adapted to local geography, that it is very diverse.

As with other Mediterranean cuisines, it has flavors and basics with a strong personality, such as garlic, olives or salted fish, and olive oil and wine, but it has other things in common with the Atlantic ones, such as the use of cheese and butter. Some of its specialties are well known around the Mediterranean, where they exist exactly the same or with little variation, as bolhabaissa,[2] alhòli,[3] ratatolha,[2] and pan golçat (bread with garlic), with emphasis on fines herbes. Other specialities include caçolet,[4] pastís de treflas,[5] aligòt,[5] farcidures (potato and meat dumpling),[5] freginat (fricassee of pork ),[6] clafotís, flaunharda, and garbure.


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