Octopus cyanea

Octopus cyanea

Big blue octopus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Mollusca
Class: Cephalopoda
Order: Octopoda
Family: Octopodidae
Genus: Octopus
Subgenus: Octopus
Species: O. cyanea
Binomial name
Octopus cyanea
Gray, 1849
  • Octopus cyaneus
    Gray, 1849
  • Octopus marmoratus
    Hoyle, 1885
  • Octopus tonganus
    Hoyle, 1885
  • Octopus horsti
    Joubin, 1898
  • Polypus herdmani
    Hoyle, 1904
  • Callistoctopus magnocellatus
    Taki, 1964

Octopus cyanea, also known as the big blue octopus, day octopus and Cyane's octopus, is an octopus in the family Octopodidae. It occurs in both the Pacific and Indian Oceans, from Hawaii to the eastern coast of Africa.[1]

O. cyanea grows to 16 cm in mantle length with arms to at least 80 cm.[1]

The type specimen was collected off Australia and is deposited at The Natural History Museum in London.[2]


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