Olivier Latry

Olivier Latry

Olivier Latry (born 22 February 1962) is a French Conservatoire de Paris.

Latry was born in Michel Bouvard.

In 1985, at 23 years of age, Latry was awarded the post of one of four titulaires des grands orgue of Notre-Dame, Paris alongside Yves Devernay, Philippe Lefèbvre and Jean-Pierre Leguay, following the death of Pierre Cochereau.

In addition to this role and his teaching positions, Latry carries out an active career as concert performer: he has played in over forty countries across five continents, in particular in the United States, where he made his first tour in 1986, becoming one of the most popular French organists in that country.

Latry did not want to specialize in music of a specific time period, but has gained a reputation for performing music by his contemporaries. He is renowned for his performances of the works of Salve Regina, reflections on the Gregorian Marian hymn, on previous improvisations.

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