POV (album)

POV (album)

Released January 1985
Recorded at Utopia Sound
Genre Rock, new wave
Length 41:11
Label Passport
Producer Todd Rundgren, Willie Wilcox
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Allmusic 2/5 stars [1]

POV is the ninth and final studio album by the rock group Utopia, released in 1985.[2] It peaked at #161 on the Billboard 200 charts. Except for live albums and compilations, this is the last album recorded by Utopia. The ambiguous acronym title is given four possible explanations on the back cover of the album, standing variously for "Price of Victory", Pillar of Virtue", Point of View" or "Persistence of Vision". The front cover photo depicts the band dressed in quasi-military costumes and looking at a star map, while in the background the giant "Pharoah" mask (a stage prop from their mid-70s "RA" tour) can be seen. The album layout also reflects Rundgren's interest in computers and information technology and incorporates elements adapted from the 'window' design used in the Apple Macintosh operating system of the mid-1980s.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Play This Game"   4:12
2. "Style"   4:14
3. "Stand for Something"   3:50
4. "Secret Society"   4:17
5. "Zen Machine"   4:07
6. "Mated"   3:56
7. "Wildlife"   3:36
8. "Mimi Gets Mad"   3:44
9. "Mystified"   5:21
10. "More Light"   3:54
11. "Man of Action (Not on LP, bonus track on cassette and CD versions)"   3:42
12. "Fix Your Gaze (Originally from Trivia, bonus track on 2011 reissue)"   4:32
13. "Monument (Originally from Trivia, bonus track on 2011 reissue)"   5:39



Album - Billboard

Year Chart Position
1985 Pop Albums 161