Panniculus, sometimes incorrectly referred to as pannus, is a medical term describing a dense layer of fatty tissue growth, consisting of subcutaneous fat in the lower abdominal area.[1] It can be a result of obesity and can be mistaken for a tumor or hernia. Abdominal panniculus can be removed during abdominal panniculectomy, a type of abdominoplasty. A panniculus can also be the result of loose tissues after pregnancy or massive weight loss.[2]

Grading of abdominal panniculi

Grade 1
Panniculus barely covers the hairline of the mons pubis but not the genitalia.
Grade 2
Extends to cover the genitalia.
Grade 3
Extends to cover the upper thigh
Grade 4
Extends to cover the mid thigh.
Grade 5
Extends to cover the knees or beyond.[3]

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