Parks in Sydney

Parks in Sydney

A Fig-lined avenue in Hyde Park

Sydney is well endowed with open spaces, and has many natural areas, and open spaces, even within the city centre. These include the Chinese Garden of Friendship and Hyde Park (which is named after London's Hyde Park). [1] The metropolitan area contains several national parks, including the Royal National Park, the second oldest national park in the world (after Yellowstone National Park), which occupies an area of 132 kmĀ².[2] Completing Sydney's wide array of green spaces, the leader is the Royal Botanical Gardens, with its large amount of green spaces, lush plants and colourful flowers.

Largest parks in Sydney metropolitan area

  1. Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, 15400 hectares
  2. Royal National Park, 13200 hectares
  3. Western Sydney Parklands, 5,280 hectares
  4. Heathcote National Park, 2250 hectares
  5. Garigal National Park, 2200 hectares
  6. Lane Cove National Park, 600 hectares
  7. Sydney Harbour National Park, 411 hectares (comprising 10 smaller parks)
  8. Georges River National Park, 340 hectares

Largest parks in the City of Sydney area

  1. Centennial Park, 189 hectares
  2. Moore Park, 115 hectares
  3. Sydney Park, 45 hectares
  4. The Domain, 34 hectares
  5. Royal Botanic Gardens, 30 hectares

Parks and Reserves

The following is an incomplete list of parks and reserves in Sydney:

  • Robertsons Point

For a more complete list of protected parks in New South Wales, see Protected areas of New South Wales.


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