Systematic (IUPAC) name
Clinical data
Legal status
CAS number  YesY
17763-01-8 (hydrochloride)
ATC code None
ChemSpider  N
Chemical data
Formula C13H17NO3 
Mol. mass 235.278 g/mol

β-Keto-Methylbenzodioxolylpentanamine (Pentylone, bk-Methyl-K, bk-MBDP) is a stimulant compound developed in the 1960s,[1] which has been reported as a novel designer drug, identified in some samples of powders sold as "NRG-1", along with varying blends of other substituted cathinone derivatives including flephedrone, MDPBP, MDPV and 4-MePPP. It was also found in combination with 4-MePPP being sold as "NRG-3".[2]

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