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For the railway station in Perth, Scotland, see Perth railway station, Scotland.

Template:TP Train Station Coordinates: 31°57′05″S 115°51′38″E / 31.951493°S 115.860448°E / -31.951493; 115.860448 Template:Perth Rail Yard Perth Station including Perth Underground is the largest railway station in Perth, Western Australia, and functions as an interchange between the Transperth Trains Armadale / Thornlie, Fremantle, Joondalup, Mandurah and Midland railway lines, as well as the Transwa Australind.



The Victorian style building was built between 1893 and 1894. It replaced an earlier station built when the railway first opened in 1881. The building has been renovated numerous times since being built, as well as the forecourt entrance area.

The station was the centre of the Western Australian Government Railways system - with most main-line trains leaving from this station. A collection of freight and administrative offices and tearooms were part of the railway station complex. The Westland, Albany Progress, and The Mullewa overnight passenger trains departed from this station.

The railway building has at times housed various commercial operations - as well as Police offices. The WA Craft Council was in the building in the 1980s.[1]

For a considerable length of time the forecourt area was used for car parking. This is now very limited except for official vehicles. The building had the Barrack Street and William Street bridges as limiting factors to its development, and in its current state is connected to both bridges by escalators and walkways, though the William Street entrance is fenced off.


As early as the 1950s there were moves and suggestions for the redevelopment of the station area.[2]

Following the discontinuance of the overnight services, the extension of standard gauge tracks to East Perth station, and the relocation of most administrative offices to the new railway building alongside, Perth railway station remained as a terminus for the Bunbury Australind passenger service, as well as suburban services.

New underground platforms were developed to the east of William Street (between Wellington and Murray Streets) as part of the New MetroRail project. They are linked to the original Perth railway station via a walkway under Wellington Street, and there is also an entrance from the west end of the Murray Street pedestrian mall. Services commenced on the new platforms at 5:37am on 15 October 2007. The new platforms, numbered 1 and 2, are known as Perth Underground but are also considered part of the overall Perth railway station.

Other recent works to Perth railway station include the installation of SmartRider infrastructure, including Add Value Machines, fare gates, attendant offices and fencing.

In 2013, after months of construction and a shutdown, a 9th platform or the "Special events line" was finally completed in September 2013. The special events line was built to get passengers from the station to special events throughout the city (such as the Perth Royal Show which runs on the Fremantle line) without causing any congestion on the rail line or overfilling trains that are going to other locations other than the special event. The train runs primarily on the Midland line, but also operates on the Fremantle line.[3]

Plaques formerly in entrance area to station

The railway station entrance area had plaques to commemorate the following events:

  • 1 March 1981 – centenary of Fremantle to Guildford railway
  • 14 November 1989 – Perth–Joondalup railway first spike driven
  • 28 September 1991 – introduction of electric trains
  • 11 April 1992 – commissioning Transperth electric train service
  • 25 March 1994 – centenary of railway station



Platforms currently in use are as follows:

Stop No. Platform Line Stopping Pattern Notes
[2776] Perth Underground platforms
99601 1 Joondalup All, C, P, W Pattern C during peak hours on weekdays only. Pattern P may no longer terminate at platform 6.
99602 2 Mandurah All, C, K, W Pattern C during on weekdays only.
[2776] Main platforms
99003 3 Australind All stations Transwa regional service to Bunbury.
99004 4 Thornlie T
99005 5 Armadale All, B, C
99006 6 Armadale C# Peak hours on weekdays only.
99007 7 Fremantle All, A, B, D, K, L, M, +S
99008 8 Midland All, A, B, P
99009 9 Midland Special service platform.[4]

Bus routes

Several bus routes stop at the Perth Train Station. Buses are also provided at Wellington Street bus station for transfers with Perth Train Station.

Route Number Destination / Description
[12129] Beaufort Street
    1 Blue CAT Busport - Northbridge - Busport Circular Service
[12924] Wellington Street (west bound Red/Yellow CAT) - Not in use[5][6][7]
    2 Red CAT East Perth - West Perth - East Perth Circular Service
    3 Yellow CAT to West Perth via Wellington Street
[26201] Wellington Street (west bound) - [6][7]
    16, 21, 22, 41, 42, 43, 47, 48, 55, 60, 66, 67, 68 to Esplanade Busport
    28 to Claremont via Hay Street and Mount Claremont
    82 to City Beach via Cambridge Street and The Boulevard
    83 to Wembley Downs via Grantham Street and Empire Avenue
    92 to Wembley Downs via Grantham Street and Hale Road
[12901] Wellington Street (east bound Red/Yellow CAT) - Not in use[5][6][7]
    2 Red CAT East Perth - West Perth - East Perth Circular Service
    3 Yellow CAT to East Perth via Wellington Street
[12902] Wellington Street (east bound) - Not in use[5][6][7]
    28 to WACA, East Perth
    81, 82, 83, 92 to Wittenoom Street, East Perth
    213 to Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre via Albany Highway
    220 to Armadale Train Station via Albany Highway
    904 Train Replacement Service to Clarkson
    905 Train Replacement Service to Midland
    906 Train Replacement Service to Fremantle
    907 Train Replacement Service to Armadale
[10221] William Street (on Horseshoe Bridge)[8][9]
    1 Blue CAT Busport - Northbridge - Busport Circular Service



Further reading

  • Finlayson, Don (1986) Steam around Perth ARHS WA - has photos of the earlier forms of the station - page 55 for example

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  • Transperth website
  • National Library of Australia

SmartRider Free Transit Zone

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SmartRider Free Transit Zone
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SmartRider Free Transit Zone
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Armadale Line
All, B, C
SmartRider Free Transit Zone
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Thornlie Line
SmartRider Free Transit Zone
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Joondalup Line
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