A pignolata from Messina, with both chocolate and vanilla icing
Type Pastry
Place of origin Italy
Main ingredients Pastry dough, chocolate and lemon flavoured syrup/icing

Pignolata (Sicilian: Pignulata) is a Sicilian pastry, which originated in Messina and is also common in Calabria. It is a soft pastry, covered in chocolate and lemon flavoured syrup/icing. This pastry is half covered or iced in one flavouring and the other half in the other flavour, which hardens when the pignolata is ready to be served. Each pastry serves several people, and is meant to be cut into small pieces when served.

Pignolata can be also made of small portions of fried pastry, like large pearls, in a hot honey sauce, with chopped almonds or hazelnuts. Before serving, they are set on a plate, as a crown, with chopped nuts sprinkled over the top.

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