Typical poblacion with plaza, town hall, and arena (Loboc, Bohol)

A poblacion or población (literally "town" or "population"[1] in Spanish), is the name commonly used for the central area of a Philippine city or municipality, which may take up the area of a single barangay or multiple barangays. Common features of the poblacion include a rectangular town plaza, the Parish church, public market, the central elementary and high school and the municipal/city hall.[2] It is sometimes shortened to "Pob."

The poblacion is considered the "center of commerce and industry" of the city or municipality. Most citizens residing in the outlying barangays of the city or municipality flock to the poblacion on market days (that varies depending on the local ordinance set by the local government) because most local products and goods from the barrios are brought to the public market located in the poblacion. In this way, their products could be sold faster by a wide range of buyers, though there are instances where some citizens would choose to go to another town's poblacion because it is closer to their residence.

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