Q star

Q star

A Q-Star, also known as a gray hole, is hypothetical type of a compact, heavy neutron star with an exotic state of matter. The Q stands for a conserved particle number. A Q-Star may be mistaken for a stellar black hole.


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Types of Q-stars

  • SUSY Q-ball[1]
  • B-ball, stable Q-balls with a large baryon number B. They may exist in neutron stars that have absorbed Q-ball(s).[1]

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  • Abstract, Are Q-stars a serious threat for stellar-mass black hole candidates?, Miller J.C., Shahbaz T., Nolan L.A, 1997
  • Abstract, No observational proof of the black-hole event-horizon, Marek A. Abramowicz, Wlodek Kluzniak, Jean-Pierre Lasota, 2002