Queensgate, Cincinnati

Queensgate, Cincinnati

Queensgate is a neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. It sits in the same valley as Downtown Cincinnati and has been dominated by industrial and commercial warehouses for most of its history. Cincinnati's nickname of "Porkopolis" started here with hog slaughtering in the early 19th century.[1]

Queensgate was formerly simply known as part of the West End, Cincinnati. The City Plan for Cincinnati of 1948 called for slum clearance, and beginning in 1960 large tracts of the historic West End were razed. This "Urban renewal" project resulted in what is now the industrial area of Queensgate.[2]

Queensgate is home of the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal.[1] From 1884 until 1970 the Cincinnati Reds played baseball at Crosley Field, which was located at the intersection of Findlay and Western Streets in Queensgate.


Coordinates: 39°6′N 84°32′W / 39.100°N 84.533°W / 39.100; -84.533