Range 15

Range 15

Range 15
Indiegogo Campaign Promotional Poster
Directed by Ross Patterson
Produced by Ross Patterson
Written by
  • Billy Jay
  • Nick Palmisciano
  • Ross Patterson
  • Mat Best
  • Nick Palmisciano
  • Jack Mandaville
  • Vincent Vargas
Release dates
May 2016
Language English
Budget $1.5 million

Range 15 is an ensemble horror/action comedy indie film with a release date tentatively scheduled for Spring (May) 2016. As of October 2015, Range 15 is the 4th highest crowd sourced film on Indiegogo. The movie is a collaboration between the Veteran run military themed apparel companies, Ranger Up and Article 15 Clothing, and stars many of their staff members.[1] The movie is being produced and directed by Ross Patterson.


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Hollywood Stars

Military Stars



The primary inspiration for making Range 15 was the poor portrayal of the military in many of the movies produced by Hollywood. The members of Ranger Up and Article 15 Clothing felt that the majority of Hollywood movies portrayed military personnel as cliched versions of themselves, one-dimensional, humorless Neanderthals.[2] Ranger Up and Article 15 set a goal to make a movie for current and former military members that portrays the military in a more realistic and authentic way. Ranger Up and Article 15 Clothing kicked off an Indiegogo campaign by releasing a six-minute YouTube video in May 2015. They enlisted the help of two Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients, Dakota Meyer and Leroy Petry, and former Army Green Beret and UFC MMA fighter, Tim Kennedy, in the launch video.[2] Their addition added military Veteran star power to the fledgling film. Marcus Luttrell and Clint Romesha joined the film during the Indiegogo campaign, adding additional Veteran star power to the cast.[3] Dakota Meyer later dropped out of the film in September 2015, due to personal reasons, and is no longer associated with Range 15.[4] Once the project was green lit, negotiations began in an effort to sign Hollywood talent to the film. Well known actors such as Danny Trejo, Keith David, Dale Dye, Jim O'Heir and William Shatner eventually joined the cast.[5]

Crowd-Sourcing campaign

Ranger Up and Article 15 Clothing launched a crowd-sourcing campaign for Range 15 on Indiegogo in May 2015. The initial goal of the campaign was set at $325,000, which was needed to move forward with production of the film. This was in addition to the $250,000 that each company had already committed to the film.[6] The two companies utilized social media and a large assortment of perk packages to garner support for the film. Perks ranged from digital downloads of the film, executive producer credit, extra in the film and being the film's ultimate hero. Within the first 24 hours, the campaign had raised over $120,000 and within a week, had hit their initial goal.[7] Throughout the campaign, Ranger Up and Article 15 continued to promote the campaign on social media, adding new perks and goals for the campaign as each previous goal was met. The new goals often came with a new feature to the film. At $700,000, the team was able to add helicopters and jets to support the movie and at $900,000, the team added a CGI team. The team set a final $1 million goal with the pledge to add an "A-Lister to top all A-Listers" actor to the cast.

In June 2015, Range 15 was the 5th highest crowd sourced film on Indigogo.[8] At the end of the official campaign on 25 June 2015, over $800,000 had been raised for the film and moved into 4th place on Indiegogo. The campaign remained open for additional contributions and on 21 October 2015, funding exceeded $1 million on Indiegogo. The average monetary contribution to the film was over $100, which topped the average contribution to the other films in Indiegogo's Top 4 by $20 or more.


Principal photography began on 5 October 2015. Filming was completed in two weeks and wrapped in mid-October 2015.[4] The movie is currently in post-production.


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