Ravine Bluffs Development

Ravine Bluffs Development

Ravine Bluffs Development Bridge (Sylvan Road Bridge)
Location Glencoe, Illinois
Built 1915, rebuilt 1985
Architect Frank Lloyd Wright
Architectural style Prairie School
Governing body Private
NRHP Reference # 78001137[1]
Added to NRHP June 23, 1978

The Ravine Bluffs Development was commissioned in 1915 by Frank Lloyd Wright's attorney, Sherman Booth Jr. It is located in Glencoe, Illinois. Six houses, three poured concrete sculptures, and one bridge were built. Five of the houses were for rent when built. All 5 rental houses share the same basic floor plan as "A Fireproof House for $5000".[2]

Client's home:

  • Sherman M. Booth House


  • Charles R. Perry House
  • Hollis R. Root House
  • William F. Kier House
  • Lute F. and Daniel Kissam House
  • William F. Ross House - differs in design from the other 4 rentals, has fireplace to the side - was purchased by architect John Eifler in January 2011 and is currently under restoration.
William F. Kier House 
Lute F. and Daniel Kissam House 
Hollis R. Root House 
William F. Ross House 


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The Ravine Bluffs Development Bridge, also known as the Sylvan Road Bridge, was a bridge designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and located at the northeastern entrance of the Development. It crosses over the ravine from which the project gets its name. In the 1980s, the bridge was rebuilt. It was Wright's only bridge.


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Further reading

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