Remi Korchemny

Remi Korchemny

Remi Korchemny (Russian: Реми Корчемный, born 23. June 1932, Ukraine) is the former sprint coach of a number of high-profile athletes, mainly from the US. He was an early coach for Soviet Olympic champion Valeri Borzov.

After the 1972 Olympics Korchemny moved to America. There he worked as a coach or advisor for a number of high-profile athletes, including British sprinter Dwain Chambers, and American athletes Kelli White, Chryste Gaines, Chris Phillips, Alvin Harrison, John Register and Jamaican athlete Grace Jackson.

Korchemny was one of the main figures in the 2003 BALCO scandal. In 2006 he admitted in a federal investigation to having supplied prescription drugs (not banned) drugs to athletes between 2000 and 2003. In February 2006, Korchemny was sentenced to one year of probation for this.[1] In the aftermath of the scandal Korchemny agreed to retire in 2007. He was the first coach disciplined by the United States Anti-Doping Agency.[2]


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