Robert Kühner

Robert Kühner

Robert Kühner
Born 1903
Died 1996
Nationality French
Fields Mycology
Institutions University of Lyon
Alma mater University of Paris
Known for Agaricales

Robert Kühner, born Paris 15 March 1903, died Lyon 27 February 1996, was a French mycologist most notable for reviewing many agaric genera.

He studied at the Sorbonne, afterwards working as a high school teacher in Lille. From 1938 he was associated with the Faculty of Sciences at Lyon.[1]

Selected works

  • Contribution à l'étude des hyménomycètes et spécialement des agaricacés, 1926 - Contribution to the study of Hymenomycetes and especially of Agaricales.
  • Le genre Galera (Fries) Quélet, 1935 - The genus Galera (Fries) Quélet.
  • Le genre Mycena (Fries) Étude cytologique et systématique des espèces d'Europe et d'Amérique du Nord, 1938 - The genus Mycena (Fries), cytological and systematic studies of species native to Europe and North America.
  • Flore analytique des champignons supérieurs (agarics, bolets, chanterelles), 1953 - Analysis of major mushrooms (agarics, boletes, chanterelles).
  • Compléments à la "Flore analytique, 1954 - Additions to the "Flora analytique".[2]
  • Agaricales de la zone alpine: Amanitacées, 1972 - Agaricales of the Alpine zone: Amanitaceae.[3]


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