Sheepskin Trail

Sheepskin Trail

Sheepskin Trail
Length 2.1 mi (3.4 km)
Location Fayette County Pennsylvania
Trailheads Dunbar, Pennsylvania
Dunbar Township at Junction with
Youghiogheny River Trail South, part of the
Great Allegheny Passage Trail System
Use Hiking, Biking
Hiking details
Hazards Severe Weather, Railroad Crossing

The Sheepskin Trail is a non-motorized rail-trail that eventually will link the Great Allegheny Passage trail system near Dunbar, Pennsylvania to the Mon River Trail System at the State Line near Point Marion. Currently, due to funding restrictions, the trail is only opened for 2.1 Miles from the Great Allegheny Passage Juncture to the town center of Dunbar. At which point, there is parking and a comfort station available for public use.[1]

History and Future


In 1997, a feasibility study was completed and in 2007, the former Baltimore and Ohio Line was purchased and Phase 1, which cost $647,927.00,[2] was opened in May 2008.


Plans are still being worked out at this time to construct the trail further towards Uniontown, the county seat, and then further to Point Marion, as funding becomes available.


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