International Inline-Skater hockey Federation

International Inline-Skater hockey Federation

The International Inline-Skater hockey Federation (IISHF) is an international sporting federation that internationally organizes skater hockey. Each of the nine member-countries organized in their national governing bodies.

Skater hockey

Skater hockey is a roller sport and team sport played with a plastic ball. The game, being a variant of a variant of roller hockey, is played using roller skates, either inline skates such as found in inline hockey or quad skates such as found in rink hockey. The variant of skater hockey played by the IISHF is inline.

A game is played by two teams, and each team is permitted to have 5 players on the pitch, usually four outfield players and a goalkeeper. The rink (40mx20m) is divided in two halves with a goal in each end. A game last 3 periods of 20 minutes each.

Like ice hockey, the hockey of skater hockey is a contact sport and has similar set of rules, but still with several variations in the rules of the game, such as no icing, the Free Hit rule and stricter limitations regarding physical contact. The IISHF - Rules