The Collector (TV series)

The Collector (TV series)

The Collector
Opening title logo used in Season 3 of The Collector
Created by Jon Cooksey
Ali Marie Matheson
Starring Chris Kramer
Carly Pope
Sonya Salomaa
Ellen Dubin
Christine Chatelain
Aidan Drummond
Country of origin Canada
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 40
Running time approx. 44 minutes
Original channel Citytv, Space
Picture format 4:3 480i (SDTV)
16:9 1080p24 (HDTV)
Original release June 2, 2004 – April 4, 2006
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The Collector is a

The series is set in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where it was also filmed. CHUM cancelled the program after three seasons.


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Character descriptions

Morgan Pym (

Jeri Slate (

Gabriel Slate (Aidan Drummond) is the son of investigative reporter Jeri Slate. Gabriel, addressed as Gabe in the series, is an autistic child who is somehow connected to Morgan Pym and is regularly visited by the Devil. Some of Gabe's actions influence the stories and he displays an amazing perception of Morgan's experiences. His connection to Morgan is explored progressively throughout the series.

Taylor Slate (Christine Chatelain) is Jeri's younger sister. She's sweet and smart, but when introduced, seemingly ill-suited for long term responsibility, as she isn't able to hold a job well or reliably for very long. But this "freedom" in her schedule lets Jeri call on her to look after Gabe when Jeri's out pursuing a story. Taylor's aptitude for responsibility is unexpectedly tested, however, when the burden of Gabe's care and upbringing suddenly and unavoidably becomes hers.

Maya Kandinski (

Vow of secrecy

Morgan and his clients are bound never to reveal the true nature of their situation to anyone else. Revealing the truth to an innocent results in both parties being sent to Hell.

The portal

When a damned soul is about to be sent to Hell, a portal opens up beside them, and the soul is ripped out of the body and sucked into the portal, leaving only the dead body behind. Only a collector and the Devil's clients are able to see this portal. For people who happen to be nearby, the taking of a soul is witnessed as an accident or some other fatal event. Later, it is revealed that the portal can be seen by any person who sold their soul, as a preview of what will happen when their time on Earth is up.


Season 1

The first fourteen episodes of The Collector, which aired in the summer of 2004 on Space: The Imagination Station and in the fall of 2004 on Citytv.

  1. The Rapper, 2 June 2004: After 650 years of being a collector for Satan, Morgan Pym decides to try to bring redemption for those who had sold their souls. His first client is a rapper whose fame is the result of his pact with the Devil.
  2. The Prosecutor, 9 June 2004: Successful prosecutor Carter Anderson's life is turned upside down when all the cases he won for the past decade start getting over turned. Of course, as Morgan tells him, he didn't ask to make sure the actual guilty parties paid....
  3. The Supermodel, 16 June 2004: Morgan's latest client is fashion model Nicki Schillenberg, who sold her soul to lose weight. Nicki's arrogant, vain, selfish, and rude behavior, however, indicates it wasn't the body that was ugly.
  4. The Ice Skater, 23 June 2004
  5. The Photographer, 30 June 2004
  6. The Actuary, 7 July 2004
  7. The Roboticist, 14 July 2004
  8. The Medium, 21 July 2004
  9. The Old Man, 28 July 2004
  10. The Children's Book Writer, 4 August 2004
  11. The Yogi, 11 August 2004
  12. The Miniaturist, 18 August 2004
  13. Another Collector, 25 August 2004
  14. 1348 AD, 1 September 2005 (not aired in original run by

Season 1 could previously be watched for free in the US at (until July 12, 2011)
Season 1 can be watched for free (for Amazon Prime subscribers) in the UK at

Season 2

  1. The Cowboy, 9 January 2005
  2. The UFOlogist, 16 January 2005
  3. The Dreamer, 23 January 2005
  4. The Pharmacist, 30 January 2005
  5. The Tattoo Artist, 6 February 2005
  6. The Comic, 13 February 2005: A comedian sold his soul to be the most successful comic in the world. But the joke's on him when his forty-eight hours are almost up.
  7. The Campaign Manager, 20 February 2005
  8. The Mother, 27 February 2005
  9. The Tour Guide, 6 March 2005
  10. The Superhero, 13 March 2005
  11. The Ripper, 20 March 2005: In a flashback episode, Morgan is informed that his next client is none other than
    Season 3
  12. The Jockey, 10 January 2006
  13. The Chef, 17 January 2006
  14. The Customer Service Rep, 24 January 2006
  15. The Vampire, 31 January 2006
  16. The Video Jockey, 7 February 2006
  17. The Farmer, 14 February 2006
  18. The Junkie, 21 February 2006
  19. The Watchmaker, 28 February 2006
  20. The Person With AIDS, 7 March 2006
  21. The Media Baron, 14 March 2006
  22. The Spy, 21 March 2006
  23. The Alchemist, 28 March 2006
  24. The Exorcist, 4 April 2006
  25. Releases

    Morningstar Entertainment has released the first two seasons on DVD in Canada. They have not announced any plans to release the third season. Morningstar Entertainment is out of business. Knightscove now owns the rights. Many of the released DVD sets of both season 1 and season 2 are defective. After a great deal of digging through multiple defective copies, people at Knightscove were able to find a few good copies to replace defective ones.

    DVD name Episodes Box set release dates
    Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
    The Complete Season 1 14 November 4, 2008[1]
    Complete Second Season 13 May 26, 2009[2]

    Broadcasters and syndication

    United States:


    • Citytv (former)
    • Space (removed once S3 completed airing in April 2006; re-added in 2011)
    • ASN (former)
    • Ztélé (French-dubbed) (former)

    Mexico :

    Bosnia and Herzegovina :

    Poland :

    • Tele5

    Central and South America:





    United Kingdom:


    Asia and parts of the Middle East:


    The Netherlands:




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