United States gubernatorial elections, 2000

United States gubernatorial elections, 2000

United States gubernatorial elections, 2000

November 7, 2000

Governorships of DE, IN, MO, MT, NH, NC, ND, UT, VT, WA WV, AS, and PR
  Majority party Minority party
Party Republican Democratic
Last election 30 governorships 18 governorships
Seats before 30 18
Seats after 29 19
Seat change Decrease1 Increase1

  Republican holds
  Democratic holds
  Democratic pickups

The U.S. gubernatorial elections of 2000 were held on November 7, 2000. Eleven states voted to select a governor (and in some cases, lieutenant governor).

Election results

Only the governorship of West Virginia changed party hands in 2000 when Democrat Bob Wise defeated Republican incumbent Cecil Underwood.

Bolded state name features an article about the specific election.
State Incumbent Party Status Opposing Candidates
Delaware Thomas R. Carper Democratic Term-Limited, Democratic victory Ruth Ann Minner (Democratic) 59.2%
John M. Burris (Republican) 39.7%
Floyd McDowell (Ind. Delaware) 1.1%
Indiana Frank O'Bannon Democratic Re-elected, 56.6% David M. McIntosh (Republican) 41.7%
Andrew Horning (Libertarian) 1.8%
Missouri Roger B. Wilson Democratic Retired, Democratic victory Bob Holden (Democratic) 49.1%
Jim Talent (Republican) 48.2%
Larry Rice (Independent) 1.5%
John Swenson (Libertarian) 0.5%
Lavoy Reed (Green) 0.4%
Richard Kline (Reform) 0.2%
Richard Smith (Constitution) 0.1%
Montana Marc Racicot Republican Term-Limited, Republican victory Judy Martz (Republican) 51%
Mark O'Keefe (Democratic) 47.1%
Stan Jones (Libertarian) 1.9%
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen Democratic Re-elected, 48.7% Gordon J. Humphrey (Republican) 43.8%
Mary Brown (Independent) 6.4%
John J. Babiarz (Libertarian) 1.1%
North Carolina Jim Hunt Democratic Term-Limited, Democratic victory Mike Easley (Democratic) 52%
Richard Vinroot (Republican) 46.3%
Barbara Howe (Libertarian) 1.5%
Douglas Schell (Reform) 0.3%
North Dakota Ed Schafer Republican Retired, Republican victory John Hoeven (Republican) 55%
Heidi Heitkamp (Democratic) 45%
Utah Michael Leavitt Republican Re-elected, 55.8% Bill Orton (Democratic) 42.7%
Jeremy Friedbaum (Independent American) 2%
Vermont Howard Dean Democratic Re-elected, 50.4% Ruth Dwyer (Republican) 37.9%
Anthony Pollina (Progressive) 9.5%
Phil Stannard Sr. (Independent) 0.7%
Joel W. Williams (Vermont Grassroots) 0.5%
Hardy Macia (Libertarian) 0.3%
Richard F. Gottlieb (Liberty Union) 0.1%
Washington Gary Locke Democratic Re-elected, 58.4 John Carlson (Republican) 39.7%
Steve LePage (Libertarian) 1.9%
West Virginia Cecil H. Underwood Republican Defeated, 47.2% Bob Wise (Democratic) 50.1%
Denise Giardina (Mountain) 1.6%
Bob Myers (Libertarian) 0.9%
Randall Ashelman (Natural Law) 0.2%
Territory Incumbent Party Status Competing candidates
American Samoa[1] Tauese Sunia Democratic Re-elected, 51.44% Lealaifuaneva Peter Reid (Independent) 48.57%
Puerto Rico Pedro Rosselló PNP/Democratic Retired, PPD/Democratic victory Sila María Calderón (PPD/Democratic) 48.6
Carlos Pesquera (PNP/Democratic) 45.7%
Rubén Berríos (Puerto Rican Independence Party) 5.2%

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