Usonia Homes

Usonia Homes

Usonia Homes is a planned community in the Town of Mount Pleasant, adjacent to the village of Pleasantville, New York. In 1945, a rural tract was purchased by a cooperative of young couples from New York City, who were able to enlist Frank Lloyd Wright to build his Broadacre City concept. Wright decided where each house should be placed. Wright designed three homes himself and approved architectural plans of the other 44, which were designed by such architects as Paul Schweikher, Theodore Dixon Bower, Ulrich Franzen, Kaneji Domoto, Aaron Resnick and David Henken – an engineer and Wright apprentice.

The layout of the neighborhood was planned by Wright in a circular manner, preserving most of the original trees and "encouraging the flow of the land". The balance of the homes were decreed to be in the modern "organic" style ordained by Wright. The community was named "Usonia" in homage to Wright, whose ideas on the way Americans should live together guided their plan.

The narrow roads twist and curve, finches perch on windowsills, deer roam and maple trees outnumber people. Sixty percent of the land is forest and meadow. Each house nestles into the landscape, as naturally as the trees and grasses that preceded it, and none are visible from nearby Route 120.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed Usonian homes in Pleasantville:

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