Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference

Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference

Wolverine–Hoosier Athletic Conference
Wolverine–Hoosier Athletic Conference logo
Established 1992
Association NAIA
Division Division II
Members 12
Sports fielded 21 (men's: 10; women's: 11)
Region Midwestern United States
Region VIII of the NAIA
Headquarters Livonia, Michigan
Commissioner Rob Miller
Website www.whac.net

The Wolverine–Hoosier Athletic Conference (WHAC) is a college athletic conference of twelve colleges and universities in the U.S. states of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Founded in 1992, the conference was created as a successor group for the now-defunct NAIA District 23. The conference is a part of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, and is headquartered in Livonia, Michigan.

The WHAC announced on January 27, 2012, that it is making history by adding bowling and lacrosse for both men and women as conference sports effective the fall of 2012, becoming the first NAIA conference to offer championships in these sports.[1]


WHAC offers 10 men's and 11 women's sports.

Member schools

Current members

The member institutions are:

Institution Location Founded Type Enrollment Joined Nickname
Aquinas College Grand Rapids, Michigan 1886 Private/Catholic 2,300 1992 Saints
Concordia University Ann Arbor, Michigan 1963 Private/Lutheran 600 1992 Cardinals
Cornerstone University Grand Rapids, Michigan 1941 Private/Christian 2,600 1992 Golden Eagles
Davenport University Grand Rapids, Michigan 1866 Private 12,471 2005 Panthers
Indiana Institute of Technology Fort Wayne, Indiana 1930 Private 3,207 1998 Warriors
Lawrence Technological University Southfield, Michigan 1932 Private 4,489 2012 Blue Devils
Lourdes University Sylvania, Ohio 1958 Private/Catholic 2,616 2011 Gray Wolves
Madonna University Livonia, Michigan 1930 Private/Catholic 4,000 1997 Crusaders
Marygrove College Detroit, Michigan 1899 Private/Catholic 2,702 2012 Mustangs
University of Michigan–Dearborn Dearborn, Michigan 1959 Public 9,083 2004 Wolverines
University of Northwestern Ohio Lima,Ohio 1920 Private 4,200 2010 Racers
Siena Heights University Adrian, Michigan 1919 Private/Catholic 2,274 1992 Saints

Former members

Institution Location Founded Type Enrollment Joined Left Nickname Current Conference
Spring Arbor University Spring Arbor, Michigan 1873 Private 2,940 1992 2004 Cougars Crossroads
Trine University Angola, Indiana 1884 Private 1,779 1992 2003 Thunder MIAA
(NCAA Division III)

Membership timeline

DateFormat = yyyy

ImageSize = width:1000 height:auto barincrement:20

Period = from:1992 till:2016

TimeAxis = orientation:horizontal

PlotArea = right:20 left:0 bottom:50 top:5 #> to display a count on left side of graph, use "left:20" to suppress the count, use "left:20"<#

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id:barcolor  value:rgb(0.99,0.7,0.7)
id:line      value:black
id:bg        value:white
id:Full value:rgb(0.742,0.727,0.852) # Use this color to denote a team that is a member in all sports
id:FullxF value:rgb(0.551,0.824,0.777) # Use this color to denote a team that is a member in all sports except for football
id:AssocF value:rgb(0.98,0.5,0.445) # Use this color to denote a team that is a member for football only
id:AssocOS value:rgb(0.5,0.691,0.824) # Use this color to denote a team that is a member in some sports, but not all (consider identifying in legend or a footnote)
id:OtherC1 value:rgb(0.996,0.996,0.699) # Use this color to denote a team that has moved to another conference
id:OtherC2 value:rgb(0.988,0.703,0.383) # Use this color to denote a team that has moved to another conference where OtherC1 has already been used, to distinguish the two


 width:15 textcolor:black shift:(5,-5) anchor:from fontsize:s
 bar:1 color:FullxF from:1992 till:end text:Aquinas (1992–present)
 bar:2 color:FullxF from:1992 till:end text:Concordia (Mich.) (1992–present)
 bar:3 color:FullxF from:1992 till:end text:Cornerstone (1992–present)
 bar:4 color:FullxF from:1992 till:end text:Siena Heights (1992–present)
 bar:5 color:FullxF from:1992 till:2004 text:Spring Arbor (1992–2004)
 bar:6 color:FullxF from:1992 till:2003 text:Trine (1992–2003)
 bar:7 color:FullxF from:1997 till:end text:Madonna (1997–present)
 bar:8 color:FullxF from:1998 till:end text:Indiana Tech (1998–present)
 bar:9 color:FullxF from:2004 till:end text:Michigan–Dearborn (2004–present)
 bar:10 color:FullxF from:2005 till:end text:Davenport (2005–present)
 bar:11 color:FullxF from:2010 till:end text:Northwestern Ohio (2010–present)
 bar:12 color:FullxF from:2011 till:end text:Lourdes (2011–present)
 bar:13 color:FullxF from:2012 till:end text:Lawrence Tech (2012–present)
 bar:14 color:FullxF from:2012 till:end text:Marygrove (2012–present)

ScaleMajor = gridcolor:line unit:year increment:2 start:1992

TextData = fontsize:L

          pos:(175,30) # tabs:(0-center)
          text:"Membership History"


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